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Kia Tuala - Fitness Coach

Coach Kia is a multi-talented professional combining roles as a Certified Fitness & Nutrition Coach, Licensed Paramedic, and Engineer/Firefighter. With over 20 years of experience in the medical and emergency services fields, he brings a rich depth of knowledge and expertise to his coaching practice.

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With over 20 years of healthcare experience as a Paramedic and Firefighter, Kia Tuala has witnessed the life-changing benefits of physical fitness. Transitioning from emergency response to personal training and nutrition coaching, Kia now uses his expertise to help clients unlock their full potential and embrace the best versions of themselves.

Kia's background in high-pressure environments has honed his ability to prioritize well-being and make decisive, informed choices. This unique perspective enriches his role as a Fitness Coach, where he empowers individuals to take charge of their health. His extensive experience in the medical field equips him to guide clients safely and effectively, providing personalized support tailored to their specific needs and goals.

What truly sets Kia apart is his commitment to his clients’ success. He approaches each fitness journey with empathy, patience, and a deep-seated desire to see every client thrive. Kia understands that optimal health involves more than just physical fitness; it's also about nurturing the right mindset and nutrition.

Choosing Kia means opting for a comprehensive approach that not only targets your physical goals but also enhances your mental and emotional well-being. In Kia's supportive and motivating environment, clients are encouraged to push boundaries and achieve lasting results. Kia Tuala is not just a coach; he’s a dedicated partner in your transformative journey to health.

Maika Tuala, Ph.D - Habit Coach

Maika's impressive educational journey is rooted in sociology and social psychology. He holds a Ph.D. in Social Psychology from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln, complemented by a Master of Science in Sociology and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from BYU-Hawaii.

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Maika brings a unique blend of knowledge and expertise to our team at Tautua Fitness. With advanced degrees in sociology and social psychology, including a Ph.D. from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln, Maika has a profound understanding of human behavior and social dynamics. His academic background equips him with insights into the factors that shape our habits and lifestyles.

As our specialist in habit coaching, Maika offers a distinct advantage to professionals seeking meaningful change. His interdisciplinary approach combines social, psychological, and environmental perspectives to analyze habit formation comprehensively. This method allows him to uncover the deeper influences on behavior and craft tailored strategies that promote lasting change.

With his strong analytical and critical thinking skills honed through rigorous research, Maika is adept at identifying patterns and obstacles that impede progress. He ensures his coaching methods are grounded in the latest academic research, providing evidence-based strategies that are specifically customized to meet the needs of our clients. Maika’s expertise makes him an invaluable asset to those looking to transform their habits and achieve their fitness and wellness goals.

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